BYOB 2.99alpha - Build Your Own Blocks - Screensaver

This is a little Windows screensaver that will be installed by the Setup program in the final distro.

Note: The Screensaver only works if you have at some point installed BYOB via the Windows setup program (because it requires registry entries made by the installer).

To test the screensaver

  1. copy the BYOB.scr file into your Windows\system32 directory
  2. add a folder named "Projects" (without quotation marks) to your BYOB installation folder
  3. add one or more . ypr or .sb files to the Projects directory
  4. fire up your Windows screen settings and choose the BYOB screensaver

the Screensaver starts BYOB in presentation mode with a random project from the Projects folder. If you want to always run the same project (your own special screensaver) be sure to just put that one into the Projects folder (you can put other projects into subfolders, in this case they won't be used as screensavers). Like a "compiled" standalone project the screensaver exits back to Windows once the user presses Esc or exits from presentation mode. The Screensaver also makes sures that only a single instance of itself always runs.